Can I watch 89 movies on Netflix before they expire?

So thanks to this great post on Reddit, I've learned 89 movies will expire on Netflix come January 1. So I decided to sit down and watch as many as I can and tweet about my progress as I go.

Mathematically I cant finish them all, but lets see how many I can get through.


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The Google Docs spreadsheet to where I'm keeping a log of the movies is here

Update 1: The Rundown(1 down 88 to go!)

The first movie of my 89 movie goal is complete The Rundown was 4 stars worthy for what it was, a Sean William Scott/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson action romp through the jungle. The saving grace of this film, was Christopher Walken and a Ray Lewis refernce.

Update 2: Troll 2 (2 Down, 86 To Go)


The second movie I watched was the "infamous" Troll 2. Which according to @timbrechlin on Twitter was written and translated into English by a non-native speaker.

The movie constantly battled between an unwatchable mess and a campy classic. The dialogue was painful at times and I've seen high school drama departments put on shows with better special effects. 

Update 3: 50 First Dates (3 Down, 86 to go!)

I think these tweets just about sum it up. If 50 First Dates wasn't a Sandler movie, I think Drew Barrymore would have shined a little bit more in her role.

Update 4: Braveheart (4 down, 85 to go!)

Not much to say other than Braveheart is a phenomenal film and shame on me for not watching it sooner.

Update 5 : October Sky (5 down, 84 to go)

I didn't tweet a lot during this movie, because i was so into it. These guys fought the status quo of their sleepy post war coal mining town to do something different, by using their brain muscles instead of their coal mining muscles.


Also this is the third movie in a row with someone with a messed up eye.