Baltimore was hit with it's first real taste of winter for the 2013/14 season Tuesday. After spending all day locked up indoors, a couple of friends and myself decided to venture out on foot and explore the city.

These photos were all taken on a Canon 5DMk3 with a 40mm lens.

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Last Farmers Market of 2012


One of my favorite shoots of this year was "April at the Farmers Market" so today before I head down to the Ravens game, I met up with a couple of friends and took in one of Baltimore's gems, the Baltimore Farmers Market.

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a biker rides down Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA

I got to spend this past weekend in Philadelphia doing what I love to do most, photographing. I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot engagement photos for two good friends of mine.

While their shoot and engagement party took most of the weekend, I was left with most of Monday morning to walk around a little bit and shoot.

Mole St. 

a woman enjoys a fountain near Logan Square

"Take my picture"

Ben Franklin and his printing press

a quick lunch