Baltimore was hit with it's first real taste of winter for the 2013/14 season Tuesday. After spending all day locked up indoors, a couple of friends and myself decided to venture out on foot and explore the city.

These photos were all taken on a Canon 5DMk3 with a 40mm lens.

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My Favorite Photos of 2012 Pt. 1

As we wrap up 2012 and prepare to head out to celebrate another year, I wanted to share what I thought were my favorite photos of 2012.

2012 was the year I decided to turn what was a hobby into a small business.

During this year I worked a few times with Matt and Amanda over at Matt Wing Photography,  including shooting my first wedding. Hannah and Nate. At the time I was swamped with work at my day job, and let them handle the editing, but I recently spent some time going back over the photos and editing them in my style. I took almost 1600 photos and narrowed it down to these two.

Hannah and Nate share a laugh

Next up was the Baltimore Sun's Tweetup in March.

@AZNStarlette and friends

Which led to a shoot for GetJessedUp(Baltimore's Best Fashion Blog).

Jess from Get Jessed Up

I got a chance to do a little bit of urban exploration by exploring an abandoned paper mill.

I wanted to do more street photography in 2012.

A group waits for their boat down at the Harbor

Hanging out outside the AVAM

I shot several great engagement shoots including an actual surprise engagement.

Tim and Ashley share a moment

I see something new every time I look at this image.

I went on a photowalk and captured this image at H.L. Mencken's house.

I captured an image of a man walking across the Harbor on a thin wire.

Nik Wallenda crosses the Harbor on a tight rope.

I visited Love Park for the first time.

Love Park

Indy Car Racing came back to the streets of Baltimore.

Ryan Hunter-Reay won the 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix.

Hurricane Sandy hit Baltimore

A man stands on a flooded stretch of Falls Rd

As I started writing this post, I kept coming up with more and more of the photos that meant something to me this year. I will follow up tomorrow with a second post in the next day or two, finishing it up.

Joby Grip-Tight Mount quick preview

So if you follow my twitter (@wheelsee) you'll know that I and Joby have been battling FedEx for over a week over my Ultra Fit Sling Strap for my 7D. Needless to say, while FedEx has dropped the ball multiple times, Joby has been great. 

After the second delay Joby's Social Media Manager, Emily, reached out to me and offered their brand new GripTight Mount, GripTight Micro Stand, and their GorillaPod Stand, which are designed to fit with pretty much any smartphone out there.

So while my strap still hasn't made it here yet, the pack of GripTight Goodies , arrived yesterday.

Joby's GripTight Mount, Gorillapod Original, and the Micro Stand

 I havent had much time to go out and experiment with it, but I will do a full on post about it this weekend, heres a couple of quick photos of it in use.

The GripTight Mount on a GorillaPod Original on my dishwasher

Photo Taken from an iPhone 5 using the Joby GripTight Mount