Kevin and Becky Enagement Shoot Preview

I've known Kevin for 10+ years and I don't think he has ever been happier than these last three years with Becky. A year and half of those three were spent with them on opposite sides of the country, him in Las Vegas and her in Philadelphia, and I gotta give it to them for making it work!  After he proposed while they were in Hawaii in June, they asked me to shoot some engagement photos, I started trying to think of places we could shoot in Vegas, which was the original plan. Then they threw a curveball and said "Hey we got a day in Philly before our engagement party, can we do it?"

The Challenge
Shoot in 5 different locations all over Philadelphia, with an outfit change in the middle and squeezed in between a red-eye and wedding that evening. Oh and just for fun the Philadelphia decided to call and audible and throw in a 30,000 person Union Rally at one of the 5 locations.

Luckily for me, Kevin and Becky were more than willing participants and totally up to the challenge! Enjoy this preview! 

Oh one last thing...Please start the video before scrolling down :)